Our Services
Our Services
01. AI and ML

Driving the new business innovation frontier, AI has emerged to be the catalyst for achieving business efficiencies and automating manual grunt work. Powered by deep learning, using our AI techniques help you accelerate your digital transformation journey and generate business insights to grow your business - right and fast - at scale.

    Our AI/ ML services cover:
  • 1) Natural Language Processing

    Unravel customer, market and industry insights from unstructured data with powerful text analytics.

  • 2) Deep Learning.

    As data volume and complexity continue to grow, we mine unstructured data (such as sound, image, text) and train our technologies to pattern the human brain in order to process and deploy deep learning applications. More so, we believe in cadenced human-machine interactions to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions. Common use-cases include:

    • ● Image classification
    • ● Object detection
    • ● Natural Language Processing
  • 3) Conversational User Experience

    Augment your customer experience by providing a seamless, enriching and automated conversational user interface such as AI-assisted chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants.

  • 4) AI/ML Consultancy & Implementation

    We work with you to define your AI strategy, breakthrough use-cases and the implementation roadmap. We scope out the roadmap in alignment with your innovation agenda and work towards best possible integrations with your existing technology setup.

  • 5) Technology Audit

    Check the pulse of your enterprise’s readiness for AI with our immersive technology audit. From identifying inefficient processes to fewer performing systems, we ‘talk’ with your existing technologies to determine the efficacy of integrating AI/ML-based solutions to deliver the best business impact.

02. Mobile and Web Apps

We deliver high-impact, secure and scalable web applications, portals and solutions unique to your business challenges and context. We do this by using the latest web tools and technologies that cater to your project-orientation and holistic online goals. Be it WordPress or Joomla, Drupal or Magento - our variety of web applications are always in ‘sync’ with your products and solutions’ use experience.

  • 1) Custom Application Development

    Whether it is application migration to cloud, or overhauling your legacy backend, or if you want to build a custom web app from scratch, we’ve got your covered with our custom web solutions.

  • 2) Portal Development

    Perhaps your e-commerce portal needs to streamline its existing front-end functionality. Or if you have an enterprise-wide portal, you will require smartly deployed intranets, extranets and engagement-driven and collaborative workplaces. Be it any portal priority or preference, we help you access aggregated information, effortless self-service workflows and enterprise social functionality crucial to making informed business-wide decisions and corporate initiatives.

  • 3) Website Development & Maintenance

    While we enable easy navigation, solid information architecture, and communicate our design-thinking in action - we also ensure our websites communicate the bigger worldview of your business ethos. Perfect combination? We think so, too!

  • 4) Custom Products

    We think every company is a software company. And to build better software products, they need to innovate at scale. The best part of working with us? We optimize your cost and reduce your product’s time-to-market with our applied and tested frameworks. Furthermore, we bring the best of visual cues via UX designing and engineering, API blueprint and engineering, distributed architecture, adoption of Cloud-native best practices, and automated testing.

03. IOT Internet of Things

Growing network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet. This allows these objects to communicate and interact with each other and with us, creating more intelligent and interconnected environments. Examples of IoT devices include smart home appliances, connected cars, and wearable fitness trackers.

  • 1) Connectivity and data management

    These services provide the infrastructure and tools needed to connect IoT devices to the internet and to manage the vast amounts of data generated by these devices. .

  • 2) Device and sensor management

    These services help organizations monitor, manage, and maintain their IoT devices and sensors, ensuring that they are operating correctly and providing accurate data.

  • 3) Analytics and reporting

    These services use advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to process and analyze the data generated by IoT devices, providing insights and reports that can help organizations make better decisions.

  • 4) Security and privacy

    These services help organizations protect their IoT networks and devices from cyber threats and ensure that the data collected by these devices is used in a secure and privacy-conscious manner.

  • 5) Integration and interoperability:

    These services help organizations integrate their IoT systems with other IT systems and ensure that different IoT devices and systems can work together seamlessly.

04. Backend & Database

Components of a computer system or application that are responsible for the underlying functionality and data manipulation. These services typically run on servers and are responsible for handling the data, logic, and processes that enable the frontend or user interface (UI) of the application to function. Examples of backend services include web servers, application servers, and database servers, as well as other services that support the functionality of the application, such as authentication and authorization, data validation, and error handling.

Backend services are essential for the functioning of many applications, as they provide the necessary functionality and data management capabilities that enable the frontend or UI to deliver value to users. Without backend services, applications would be unable to perform many of their key tasks, such as storing and managing data, processing transactions, or providing access to various features and capabilities.

Database services have several key features and capabilities that enable them to efficiently store and manage data. These features include:

  • 1) Data modeling and schema design

    Database services provide tools and functions for defining the structure and relationships of the data that will be stored in the database. This allows developers to create a logical model of the data, which can then be translated into a physical schema that specifies how the data will be organized and stored in the database .

  • 2) Data querying and manipulation

    Database services provide powerful tools for accessing and manipulating data in the database. This includes functions for querying the data using Structured Query Language (SQL) or other query languages, as well as functions for inserting, updating, and deleting data.

  • 3) Data indexing and optimization

    Database services provide mechanisms for indexing the data, which allows for faster access and retrieval of the data. This can include indexing the data based on different attributes or characteristics, as well as optimizing the data storage and retrieval processes to improve performance.

  • 4) Data security and integrity

    Database services provide mechanisms for securing and protecting the data in the database. This can include features such as authentication and authorization, encryption, and data validation, which help to ensure that only authorized users have access to the data, and that the data is accurate and consistent.